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A Rights Respecting School at the Heart of the Community

A Rights Respecting School at the Heart of the Community

Hafod Primary School

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Welcome to Reception!

The recepetion teachers are...

Mrs West                Miss Radford      Rachel         Gareth        Katie     Courtney                            


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Rights of the Child:


"Every child has the right to life. Governments must do all they can to ensure that children survive and grow up healthy"


Article 6

Reminder for parents:


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Welcome to the Reception Page!


This term we are learning all about Space.


We will be looking at our Planet and the other planets in the Solar system.

We will be making a space Travel Agents, and a Space Station.

We will be looking at the first man on the moon - Neil Armstrong.

We will be thinking about what happens during the Night and Day and making dream catchers.

We will be making rockets and seeing how far they go!

We will be reading the story

'The Loon on the Moon'.







Our topic this term is...


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