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Hafod Primary School

Hafod Swansea

Pupil Groups

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Our Pupil Groups.
Our pupil groups are : -

The School Council
The school council go around the school and help the teachers to make the school a better place for us.

The Eco Commitee
The Eco commitee go around the school and tidy up any areas, they recycle and turn off the electricity when we are not using it. Each week they reward the class who have been the most eco-friendly.

RRG - Rights Respecting Group
RRG is the rights respecting group, they go to different schools and talk to different people about childrens rights and responsibilities.

PPG - Pupil Participation Group
PPG stands for pupil participation group, they help Miss Webb to observe teachers teaching, they represent the school at important events and make sure childrens opinions are heard.