Hafod Primary School

A Rights Respecting School at the Heart of the Community

A Rights Respecting School at the Heart of the Community

Hafod Primary School

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The school aims to deliver a broad and balanced curriculum, offering a wide range of experiences to meet the diverse needs of individual pupils. This will reflect the Curriculum Policies laid down by both the City and County of Swansea Local Policy Statement and those outlined in National Curriculum Documentation.


Our Curriculum will cover the three core subjects of Language, Mathematics and Science and all the foundation subjects, with Welsh Language, in a cross curricular and thematic approach.


At all times our main aims and objectives will be;


- to develop oracy, literacy and numeracy in the individual and to promote good skills of communication; to encourage through reading, permanent interest in and enjoyment of literature and poetry

- to develop a knowledge and understanding of basic Mathematical operations

- to encourage scientific curiosity and awaken an awareness of our heritage through studies based upon the local environment and through project type historical, geographical and religious educational studies

- to develop I.T. awareness and skills necessary in today's society

- to develop skills in handwriting, creative arts, crafts and music and to encourage an appreciation of beautiful things

- to provide an enjoyment of physical activities and skills, drama, movement and mime and to teach basic recreational games.


Personal and Social Education form an integral part of the curriculum as do spiritual, moral and cultural development.