Hafod Primary School

A Rights Respecting School at the Heart of the Community

A Rights Respecting School at the Heart of the Community

Hafod Primary School

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Hafod Primary School is situated in the Lower Swansea Valley, 1.5 miles from the City centre.  The valley was the focal point of Swansea's 19th Century development, as the copper smelting centre of the world.  The banks of the River Tawe, which form the eastern limit of the school's catchment area, retain a great deal of primary evidence of Swansea's industrial past.  This provides an excellent historical resource and extensive use of the area is made in providing first hand experiences for the children.




Hafod is a tightly- knit community of mainly privately owned terraced housing, a legacy of the Victorian copper industry, and a small number of modern semi-detached houses.  The school population is a mix of long established local families with roots embedded in Swansea's industrial development and a large number of families who have English as an Additional Language, originating mainly from Bangladesh.




The old school building, opened in 1903, was completely destroyed by a fire on 5th March 1992.  The new school, opened in Spring 1995 and based on two floors, consists of five double teaching classrooms.  Each double unit supports two classes and is equipped with a practical area, withdrawal area and computer bay. The school hall serves as an Art Gallery and canteen and is equipped with a stage area for assemblies and drama productions. We have a Leonardo Da Vinci library where all the children have creative sessions every week. Philosophy rooms have also been created on the upper floor. We have a community gym under the school.


The school has two hard surface play areas, plus an enclosed nursery play area with safety flooring. It has a roof top garden and to the side a community garden which the pupils and their families can enjoy.




The school has established close links with the nearby Pentrehafod Comprehensive School.  




Links with parents are maintained through P.T.A. activities, open evenings,  Parent classes, Gym classes, Festival celebrations, open evenings and parent consultations throughout the year. Our flying Start Nursery encourages parents to become involved from the very beginning of their children’s journey through Hafod Primary.  Parents are also encouraged to visit the school to discuss any concerns with individual staff members. Parental expertise is  utilised in school in a variety of ways.




Classes are organised in mixed ability groups and are single age.  At present, there are 14 pupils with statements of special educational needs, integrated into mainstream classes appropriate to their age and receiving additional help from a support teacher and learning support assistants.