Hafod Primary School

A Rights Respecting School at the Heart of the Community

A Rights Respecting School at the Heart of the Community

Hafod Primary School

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Arrangements for Admission of Disabled Pupils as Outlined in


the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) 1995


The school’s admission arrangements allow for entry of disabled pupils whose needs can be satisfactorily met within a main school setting. Access points for children with wheelchairs are in place in all departments. In addition, purpose built toilets for the disabled are available as well as a lift.



A letter is sent to parents who attend the Nursery at Hafod Primary School during the Spring term. This asks parents who wish their child to attend Hafod Primary School in the following September to submit an application online. Parents will then be informed by letter/email with regards to the success of their application. Parents who do not live within the schools defined catchment area will need to submit a preferred placement application form. Priority will be given to children who live within the catchment area.


During the summer term an informal coffee morning will be held with the parents of new entrants and the pupils parents from Flying Start Nursery with the Headteacher, to discuss aspects of the schools organisation and to answer any questions parents might have. Parents who wish to start their child at the school at any other time of the year are asked to contact the Headteacher.